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Defense Attorney Speaks About Molinar Plea

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Brian Wise
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Forgiveness and closure. Four West Texas families agreed to a plea deal for a young man that killed their loved ones in a car wreck in Odessa. Dara Moore is the mother of one of four young people killed that day.

"Basically I just wanted him to say 'I did it, I'm guilty and I'm sorry," Moore said Wednesday.

Joshua Molinar pleaded guilty to four counts of negligent homicide, one count for each of his four friends. Alfredo Soza represented Molinar during the hearing. He says the case affected his client.

"He is absolutely, I mean he is distraught and it has been a very disturbing time in his life himself. He has had to go through a lot," Soza said.

Molinar has received five years probation for his guilty plea. He will also have to wear an alcohol detection device, spend 60 days in the Ector County jail and pay a total of $4,000 in fines and restitution. District Attorney Bobby Bland says this doesn't make up for the lives of four people.

"It will make sure for the next five years he has to stay out of trouble or he is looking at the two years that he avoided today (Wednesday)," Bland said.

Soza says his client can move on.

"I'm sure he is very happy to get beyond and go on with his life and start becoming a productive member of society," Soza said.

"No punishment's good enough for a grieving mother. Nothing is going to bring my daughter back," Moore said.