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22 Criminals Arrested on Thursday in Connection to Two Different Drug Distributions

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By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It was a group effort in tracking down and arresting 22 criminals on Thursday. Federal, state and local authorities all took part in putting all of the criminals behind bars.

"Two separate but significant investigations. A total of 23 defendants were indicted federally for drug trafficking charges while 12 defendants were indicted on state drug charges for a total of 35 defendants, " Joseph Arabit, with the DEA El Paso Division, said.

Officials confiscated six pounds of methamphetamine, one pound of heroine, one pound of cocaine, 25 pounds of marijuana and $50,000.
"The individuals arrested ranged anywhere from mid-level distributor to retail distributor to even a few social type distributors so I think it's safe to say that these to investigations targeted drug distribution at multiple levels," Arabit said.

The first investigation started in August of last year and was called Operation "Over a Chiva." Chiva is slang for heroine. That case targeted heroin distribution and it had some affiliation with the Carrillo Fuentes Organization out of the Ojinaga Plaza. The second investigation, was not named, but started in April of 2013. That case was in Midland and Ector County and was considered a social distribution, meaning someone would buy a lot of drugs and then distribute it to friends.

"Any kind of operation of this size that you can make an impact in the drug business in Midland, Midland County and this area is great," Midland Police Chief, Price Robinson, said.

Authorities say these operations should send a strong message.

"This type of criminal activity is not going to be tolerated in this community," Arabit said.

Authorities also said that they are still looking for three more people in connection with the two investigations.