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Odessa Parking Ordinance Fuels Interest in Storage Units

Anum Valliani
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Odessans are scrambling to find a place to park their RV's after a new ordinance began on Wednesday. However, some companies are coming to the rescue.

The new ordinance prohibits anyone in the city from parking their vehicles on unpaved ground and for storing large units like boats and RV's in driveways.

So managers at Longhorn Storage in Odessa said their phones have been ringing off the hook with people inquiring about not only storing their furniture but storing their cars and RV's.

The company first opened in 2009 and since then has gone through waves of success. In the past two years, they had to wait list people and have even worked with other companies to help those customers find other storage spots, but as of late, they'd been seeing slower business.

"We were in a slow point but that changed a couple of days ago," Teresa Hunt, Assistant Manager of Longhorn Storage, said.

She said they expanded their space to include RV storage last year and Odessans are definitely noticing now. In fact, they expect that they will nearly double in profit based on the interest expressed.

At the same time, "we've had more calls than we've rented out. So I'm not sure if people are waiting. I mean this is the last minute," she said.

But they realize many people are still testing out the city.

"It depends on if they want to pay the fine. I noticed that the city said that they weren't going to charge you right then, they were gonna give you warning but I think it'd be a better idea to go out and get them stored," Hunt said.

Customers like Samantha Torres think it's a no-brainer. 

"I mean my father in law, his RV got stolen and it was parked in the front. So I think it's a lot safer to put it in storage along with your furniture and all that," she said.

But the prime reason why new storage facilities have been popping up is because of the growing pains associated with the boom: people packing up entire houses only to move to West Texas and realize there is no place to live.

Others like Torres are in between moving to another house.  

"Everybody's looking for a better place to live and they don't have a place to put their stuff so this is the best way they have to do that," Torres said. 
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