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Andrews Police Have a Plan to Handle First New Year's Eve With Alcohol


By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - The countdown to 2014 is on and as the clock gets closer to midnight many of us are celebrating with family and friends. But for the city of Andrews, the big change of legalizing alcohol sales has some wondering how will law enforcement handle New Years Eve?

"We have zero tolerance for DWI's. Always have," Andrews Police Chief, Bud Jones, said.

Chief Bud Jones said the new law isn't changing the way Andrews Police patrol the streets. In fact, he said even before alcohol sales became legal, the police department was always on high alert.

"We always on major holidays, particularly New Year's. We always increase our personnel on the street, I'll have additional people out tonight (Tuesday night)."

Locals seem divided on the New Years Eve issue, some say it's not a good mix, while others think it will be safer.

"Right now being that we are heavy populated with the oilfield and them mixing in alcohol with it, I think it's going to be a bad mix for a small town like Andrews," Andrews resident, Bobby Sarli, said.

"I think it is actually going to be safer for our kids, instead of going to the line," Paul Perez, an Andrews local, said.

But the Andrews Police Department says they aren't expecting any major problems on Tuesday night even with the big change.

"I don't foresee us having any big issues, we haven't over the years, we've had very few incidents on New Years Eve," Jones said.

As you ring in 2014, Andrews Police is asking people to be smart and have fun. 

"Be safe, be reasonable. Don't drink and drive and enjoy yourself but be responsible," Jones said.

Andrews Police also tells NewsWest 9 if you do have one too many and need a ride, they will help you call someone to find a safe way home.