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"Right to Carry" Rally Shut Down By Andrews Police


Brian Wise
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - The question of gun rights around the United States is a hot topic. For gun rights activists, like the 'Come and Take It Group,' the right to carry arms is in jeopardy. But NewsWest 9 looked at it from a law enforcement officers perspective too.  

On Saturday, the Midland/Odessa chapter of 'Come and Take It' met to honor Joey Posey. According to them, Posey was in possession of a firearm when he was arrested in Andrews. James Franklin explained why the group chose to rally for him. 

"What he was doing was entirely legal and we want to show our support of a veteran who was acting lawfully and yet is being persecuted for it," Franklin said.  

Michael Keoughen said Posey never asked for it. 

"This is nothing that he asked for. This is kinda something that we just decided we would do to come out here and stand for him and represent him," Keoughen said. 

The group took a lap around Main Street, guns in holsters with the safety on. They stopped to take pictures and had flyers for people they passed. On their second lap around Andrew's Main Street, law enforcement stopped them. 

The officer told the group to disband or he would issue them a citation. Franklin exchanged contact information. 

"He wasn't real clear on that except for he stated that we were somehow in violation of Andrews municipal code 42-44 which is covering funeral processions and parades moving in the streets," Franklin said. 

Andrews Police Chief Bud Jones says he talked to Franklin on Friday about getting certification to walk around Main Street. He explained why officers have to be cautious around firearms. 

"It causes undue alarm. We don't want to make it an issue. We want these people to have the right to bear arms. Not the carrying of the weapon don't get me wrong, not the carrying of the long gun, no that is not what the problem is. It is the fact that people start panicking or locking their doors, closing their business doors. They are afraid that somebody is going to rob them or something. So it creates a disruption of business and becomes a disorderly conduct type issue," Jones said. 

Franklin told NewsWest 9 that he plans to get the permit he needs to walk peacefully with his group in Andrews. Both Franklin and Chief Jones say they will stay in contact with each other.