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New Facebook Page Helps Find Sober Drivers For Locals in Andrews


By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - It has only been a few days since convenience stores in Andrews were stocked with beer but some locals are already doing everything they can to prevent drinking and driving. The help is coming in an unusual way and it's all thanks to Facebook.

"Just post where you are at and what you need. Just say 'hey I'm a little tipsy, can somebody come get me?'" Ernest Acosta, creator of Designated Driver Facebook Page, said.

The Facebook page first started as a group called "beer run" before alcohol sales started in Andrews. Locals could post on the page and ask if anyone could bring them alcohol from Midland or Odessa.

"All we had to do on there is say 'hey I need a six pack or 30 pack, and someone would be on there and say 'oh, I'm at HEB or Walmart, I'll bring you some back," Acosta said.

But now the folks in Andrews can buy beer just up the street. So Ernest decided to change the group to "designated drivers."  
The concept is simple, all you have to do is post on the page and ask for a ride. If someone is free, they'll come pick you up. Just don't be surprised if a little gas money is required!

"You know we're all friends. It's a little town so everybody helps each other out," Acosta said.

So far, the group has over 200 members. Some locals even post their phone numbers and say they're available to give rides, just give them a call. They say it's a small price to pay to save a life.

"If it can save one life, one ticket or something positive, then it's done its job, I think," Acosta said.

You can visit their Facebook page at