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Hobbs Officer Incentives Program Seeing Successful Results

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Anum Valliani
NewsWest 9

HOBBS, N.M. - We see it all over the Basin bus drivers and fast food workers getting bigger bucks these days. Well the Hobbs Police Department is throwing in some extra cash and in some cases a house for their officers. Officials say it's definitely helping with their recruitment.

According to Mike Stone, the department's Public Information Officer, it's a good time to be an officer in Hobbs.

They're offering people with no experience a $15,000 retention incentive. That's $3,000 every year on their anniversary date for five years, plus up to $1,500 in moving expenses. Veteran officers can qualify for up to $50,000 to put down on a house. 

Stone said in 2013 the city commission authorized them 14 more officers due to the population growth in Hobbs. 

"The real issue here in Hobbs with our police officers is, we have a limited pool of people to draw from, so we kind of have to go outside and recruit out of state," he said.

Because of the incentives, the department has hired 29 officers this year alone, as opposed to the four or five they usually get annually. Now they're looking for nine more. 

"You know as a police department it helps us provide more services to the community," he said.

Officials say Hobbs has a large majority of Hispanic people. So bilingual cops have even more to gain.

"They have to take a test. If they pass that test, every year on their anniversary date, they'll get the $1,500 incentive," he said.

The Hobbs Police Department says they're always looking for new recruits. To join the police academy you have to have your high school diploma and be 21 or older.