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Alcohol Available for Purchase in Andrews Convenience Stores For First Time Ever

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By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - History was made in the City of Andrews on Thursday. Alcohol is now stocked and ready for sale at local gas stations for the first time ever.

It's been a controversial issue for years but now it's a reality.

It was the usual morning rush at the One Stop gas station in Andrews but this time, there was a lot more excitement.

"They told us it wasn't gonna be here until the beginning of the year so now that it's here, oh man!" Eleazar Luna, an Andrews resident, said.

"It'll be a happy holiday for Andrews people," Lezlie Easley, with Standard Sales, a beer distributing company, said.

Alcohol made its way to store shelves Thursday morning. The first delivery came bright and early.

Standard Sales brought in case after case of different drinks.

"430 some odd cases so yeah we're gonna get them loaded up," Easley said. "It's a lot of beer but I guarantee it'll be gone by the weekend."

The owner of One Stop told NewsWest 9 his phone had been constantly ringing with people asking when the alcohol was coming.

Once it arrived, word spread fast.

"My son called me this morning and said they're already there, the trucks are unloading so I get up and go check it out," Cornelio Martinez, an Andrews resident, said.

For some, seeing the cases of beer was a surprise. People were even snapping pictures of the deliveries.

"It feels good that you don't have to drive 20 miles to go pick up beer," Luna said. "Probably gonna come back after work and buy one."

People NewsWest 9 spoke with said they're glad residents won't have to drive far for a cold one.

"Convenience, keeping money in town," Eric Petersen said. "It beats us going to (county) line and getting it so hopefully less accidents and less tickets."

But some are still on the fence about it.

"I know it's good for us economically, I just hope the people of our community are smart enough to manage it and handle it in a responsible fashion," Bob Stewart, an Andrews resident, said.

Others hope the town will comfortably adjust.

"It's a growth opportunity," Easley said. "Obviously we wanna be a positive influence in the community. They're going to see that it's not the negative thing that they are looking at, I believe."

"I hope it helps us more than it harms us but I guess only time will tell that," Stewart said.

Deliveries will come a few times a week. As always, Standard Sales is reminding everyone to drink responsibly.