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Andrews May Make First Alcohol Sale on Monday


by Brian Wise
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - Andrew's voters checked that they wanted alcohol sold in their city. Last month, the city council approved the vote. Now the question is 'Which store will sell it first?" 

"To date we've had nine convenience stores come in. Three of those being EZ-Mart. They have three different locations and then Stripes has two. That accounts for five of the nine. Then we have one stop an Exxon gas station and we have Allsups and we have our 7-Eleven," City of Andrews Finance Director, Steve Eggleston,  said. 

Eggleston says that he has not seen any revenue yet for alcohol in the form of a sales tax. Many convenience stores have taken the steps to stock liquor. It takes a little longer to sell in Andrews though as stores have to prove they are a certain distance away from schools and churches. Then stores have to go through three other entities to be approved.   

"Once I've signed off on it they take it to the county. The county approves it and then it goes to the comptroller and they make sure there's no outstanding debts or anything like that and then it goes to the TABC and that is the final approval then they are ready to go," Eggleston said.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is the final step but even that takes time to be approved. NewsWest 9 spoke to Carolyn Beck, spokesperson for TABC.

"Once we've received a completed application, right now we're averaging about 37 days to process the application," Beck said. 

Tim Gannaway with "Promote Andrews" says that 7-Eleven will sell alcohol as early as Monday, but Stripes stores are still in the process of being legal, according to Jessica Davila-Burnett.

"We're in the process of waiting on approval with TABC and we are not selling alcohol at this time," Davila-Burnett said.