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Big Spring EDC Meeting Gets Heated Over Executive Director


By Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - A large turnout for Monday's EDC meeting in Big Spring had emotions running high. It all had to do with questions concerning Executive Director Terry Wegman and his spending and his duties.

"If I thought it was an issue and I'd done it, without the consent of our accountant, and our auditor and our board president at the time, I would've never done it," Wegman said about his cell phone plan through the board.

Along with cell phone bills and record keeping, Monday night's meeting focused on Wegman's duties. There were heated moments between board members.

"It just seems like this is a game of GOTCHA! when we should be focusing on economic development," one member said. "You've been on the board 14 months Frances, have you ever checked any invoices?" Jim Depawn chimed in.

Some board members also questioned why Wegman didn't divulge every detail of his daily meetings with potential Big Spring businesses. Wegman explained that he cannot disclose those details to the public because of the competitiveness to bring in new business. Still some members pressed on.

"It's good policy that you write down the name of a prospect with a detailed receipt," member Natti Saldivar, said. 

Many members of the community spoke out in favor of Wegman.

"This is the first time we've had someone a local individual who's a business man working for this community," one attendee said. "I have a feeling that all of this is a little ridiculous."

"I don't know how Terry can do his job if he's under duress," another member of the crowd, said.

Wegman claimed it was all a lack of communication.

"If you would open up and communicate with me a little more about issues you have and what you want to accomplish, we could've avoided a lot of this," Wegman said to board president Don Avant.

In the end, the meeting ended amicably with Wegman and Avant shaking hands. The board decided to put in place procedures to follow and a new cell phone plan for Wegman. The board gave Wegman 60 days to find policies and procedures for the board to follow.