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Domino's in Andrews Breaks Global Sale Records

By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9
ANDREWS - Andrews has already had their fair share of pies at their new Dominos. The small town broke global records the first week they were open.

"We opened doing a lot of sales, but little did we know we were even going to come close to beating a record and not only did we beat a record, we beat it by 52 percent," Franchise owner, Cassie Gerety, SAID.

The previous new store sales record was set at $50,000 but Andrews passed that just half way through their first week of business. By the end of the week, they had sold $76,000 dollars worth of pizza.

"Who would have thought that little old Andrews would have blown up this big, but to actually be inside and making the pizzas, helping out and setting records, it's unbelievable," Assistant Store Manager, Matthew Parker, said.

The new store has been open for almost two months. So far, business has remained steady. Right now, the store averages about 3,000 pizzas a week and the store manager tells NewsWest 9 that they've had some interesting orders.

"An ultimate pepperoni with no pepperoni, so you want a cheese pizza?" Parker said.

Andrews is clearly making their mark in the pizza world, but by next month, the franchise is hoping to make some more big cheese just a few miles up the road.

"Seminole Texas will be our 12th location. We're very excited, we're actually going to put Seminole to the test and see if we are good enough to beat the record in Andrews," Gerety said.

One thing is for sure, the Dominoes in Andrews is tossing the dough while they're making the dough.