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Winter Weather Hurts Small Businesses


Brian Wise
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- The freezing temperatures have been in the Basin for several days. Warmer temperatures are on the way, but for now, people are encouraged to stay away from the icy roads. With not as many people out and about over the weekend, small businesses are losing money. Christmas is coming and this is the time when businesses are supposed to do well.

Clark David Edwards is the owner of Patriot Games in Odessa. 

"The holidays are very critical for my shop. It's been really light this year. Not nearly as much as I expected to have and I guess that's the theme pretty well nationwide," Edwards said.

Joli Miles is a manager at Mi Piaci. Both have seen hard affects on business because of the weather.

"We're booked up. I mean all day, all week for Christmas parties. Last night (Friday), I know they canceled a bunch of them because of the weather but today (Saturday), we're wondering to expect the party of 50 at three or not," Miles said.  

Edwards has had to close shop a couple days and Miles sees the regular customers, but no new faces. 

"I lost two days. Two days is a lot of money to a little tiny business," Edwards said. 

"Oh business definitely goes down but we still have our regulars. Our die-hard Mi Piaci restaurant eaters that still come in when the cold is out there," Miles said.

It's difficult but Edwards says some days aren't worth it. 

"I didn't want my customers to come. They probably would have tried to show up when the weather was nasty and I don't want to put them in danger. Plus my crew that comes in and helps me out. They also would have had to drive here. And I didn't want anybody to drive so I said 'forget it'. Safety is more important than making a couple bucks," Edwards said.