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U.S. Senator Ted Cruz Visits Odessa to Hear Concerns

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By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - U.S. Senator Ted Cruz made a stop in the Basin Tuesday afternoon. The politician visited with the Odessa Chamber of Commerce as part of a state tour to hear Texans' concerns.

Cruz said the Permian Basin is a model in how to get the country moving.

"I love West Texas. I've spent a lot of time in West Texas and the reason I love West Texas and the Permian Basin, I think this is the most entrepreneurial place on the face of the planet," Cruz said.

The politician stopped by in Odessa as part of his roundtable tour across Texas and his goal was to get people talking.

"The senator asked everyone there to talk about a concern they had about with what's going on in the federal government," Chamber President, Mike George, said.

The discussion included several local business and community leaders, the majority who voiced concerns about a controversial law.

"Person after person after person going around the table said the single biggest challenge in their small business was Obamacare. That they weren't hiring people, that they were laying people off, they were forcing people to work part time that it was driving them out of business," Cruz said.

Another big concern mentioned in the roundtable discussion was economic growth.

"In my view, restoring economic growth ought to be a bipartisan objective, you ought to be able to see Republicans and Democrats come together and say 'lets, together, get the economy moving again,'" Cruz said.

Cruz said, right now, that's not happening but he's encouraged and also said the nation could start by looking at the Basin.

"We need to bring the values that make the Permian Basin such a unique, wonderful special place all across the country," Cruz said. "That's how we're gonna get the country turned around, that's how we're gonna bring back economic growth, that's how we're gonna get small businesses booming again."