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Ice Storm Kills Power for Thousands in the Basin


Anum Valliani
NewsWest 9

WEST TEXAS - "Three blankets on my bed. Kinda chilly." That's how cold it was when Stephanie Glenn's power went out early Sunday morning.

"It was just kinda creepy actually, everything being cold and dark and kind of an odd feeling for Midland, Texas," she said.

She endured the sleeping hours and then went to talk to neighbors to ensure that it wasn't just a solo issue. And it wasn't.

The houses on her block were all without heat among other things. Sharyland Utilities says they have had some 15,000 customers without power in West Texas over the weekend. That includes people in more than nine counties within their service centers in Midland, Stanton and Colorado City.

"The lines just can't handle the cold in Midland," Glenn said.

A spokesperson for Sharyland Utilities said that power lines have been snapping from the weight of the ice on them. Plus about 100 poles have crashed down across the region and that's why it's taking them even longer to repair the damage.

They say that their local crews have been working throughout the weekend and that they've also brought in 10 additional contract crews to help out. Sharyland Utilities is also seeking help from Oncor Electric.

Although Glenn can go back to rooting for her Cowboys, there's not an estimate for when others power will be restored. But the crews will be working overnight to make sure that families won't go days without power. Officials suggest those still without power should seek out families and friends to stay with in the meantime.