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Local Groups Trying to Help Homeless Survive in Freezing Weather


By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - As temperatures continue to drop, there are hundreds in the Basin who don't have a warm place to go. Several shelters are already packed full but there are still so many people left out in the cold.

Local groups are trying to help the homeless any way they can.

Volunteers are going out to find them, and with below freezing temperatures expected throughout the weekend, their focus is keeping them alive.

While most of us are trying to stay warm indoors, the folks at Jesus House Odessa are braving the frigid cold to help the most vulnerable.

"We're gonna go out and take hot food again," Pastor, Donny Kyker, said. "Hopefully, we can get some more sleeping bags donated. We ran out last night. We're gonna be taking out anything we can to keep them alive during this cold spell."

Kyker and his volunteers started handing out items to the homeless on Thursday night before the front rolled in.

"Thermal underwear, gloves, toboggans, coats, sleeping bags," Kyker said. "We didn't even get to the other side of town last night because we ran out of stuff so we're expecting another big night."

He said they're seeing a lot of new faces who have nowhere to go.

"These are people that have never been here before," Kyker said. "One of the guys last night said I have a job, I just can't afford rent so he's sleeping in a tent. We're finding a lot of that out there on the streets."

It's a sight all too familiar for Greta Vaughan.

"We have our regulars, who when I pull up, they're right there to unload my truck," Vaughan said.

She hands out lunch with a group of women every week and this Friday, warm clothes were also on the menu.

"We hand out blankets and coats and scarves and anything that anybody donates," Vaughan said.

Vaughan said their attitudes are amazing given their situations, one man we spoke with off camera said he was blessed.

"They've got big ol' smiles and hugs," she said. "They're very happy to see us and they're thankful for anything we can bring them. Say a prayer for them."

Jesus House Odessa is asking the community to give them a call if they see any homeless camps around town so they can go find and help those people. If you'd like to help, you can donate money or survival items. Just go to www.jesushouseodessa.com for more information.