Basin Residents Getting Ready for Winter Weather

Basin Residents Getting Ready for Winter Weather

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND/ODESSA - As the front moves into the Basin, people are taking steps to prepare for the cold snap. From homes to roads, people are taking every precaution to be ready.

TxDOT has trucks on standby ready to de-ice and sand roads. Officials are urging drivers to take it slow if you're getting behind the wheel.

Homeowners are also getting ready.

"Exposed pipes like on your water wells and RVs, those folks are gonna be in trouble," Tommy Ervin, with Ervin Plumbing in Odessa, said.

Ervin said sales have spiked just in the last couple of days.

"They're coming in buying insulation to do piping, heat tapes and fiberglass insulation," he said.

Ervin's technicians have been busy making house calls for servicing on heaters. He said they're all smart moves for the freezing temperatures headed our way.

"Tomorrow (Friday) being 30 degrees and then it freezes again, that's when pipes start busting," Ervin said. "You could spend $50-$100 now and it may save you several hundred dollars tomorrow."

Another item that's flying off shelves is space heaters.

Fire officials said this is the peak time of year for house fires. People trying to stay warm could actually be putting themselves in danger.

"We don't recommend you use extension cord with space heaters," City of Midland Fire Marshal, David Hickman, said.

The Midland Fire Department shared a few tips to keep you warm and safe.

"They need to be at least three feet from any combustible materials, furniture, drapes, bedding," Hickman said. "A residential stove should not be used to heat your house. Make sure that if you have a fireplace that you keep some kind of a screen from sparks emitting from the fire that's burning."

Fire officials are also reminding homeowners to check your smoke detectors to make sure they are operational.