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West Texas Food Bank Campaigning for New Facility

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - For nearly three decades, the West Texas Food Bank has served 19 counties. That's almost one-sixth of the state. But more people moving to the Basin means even more mouths to feed.

"We're currently distributing over 4.1 million pounds of food," Exec. Director, Libby Campbell, said. "We're doing a really good job and I'm really proud to say that but we're at capacity. It's getting tight."

Their current building is about 32,000 sq. feet but the food bank needs more than double that space to keep up with the Basin's growth.

"It came up with we needed, about 80,000 sq. feet in the next 10 years," Campbell said.

On Wednesday, the organization announced a $12.7 million campaign for a new warehouse and they're already more than halfway there.

"We currently have over $8.22 million pledged, which is great," Campbell said.

Campbell said the money will help build two new warehouses, one in Odessa and a smaller one in Midland.

The Odessa building will get a big upgrade when it comes to volunteer space. It'll have four distribution docks compared to only one right now.

The new facility will also cater to clients' needs with a special pantry.

There will even be a children's play area, something that's important in keeping family visits comfortable and confidential.

"They can actually sit there and have an adult conversation without, number one, the child overhearing the situation," Campbell said.

The food bank still needs about $4 million dollars to make this all happen.

Campbell hopes people will reach into their pockets for something she calls a heartbeat to the community.

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