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Barnhart Loses Water Well, Town Without Water

Brian Wise
NewsWest 9

BARNHART- The town of Barnhart lost their only water well on Tuesday night. According to Irion County Commissioner John Nanny, the pump malfunctioned.

"We found out it (well pump) was out of sorts. The pump people came this morning early and did ascertain that it was out and could not pull it (water) from the well. So in the morning (Thursday), we got another Plan B coming and we should be able to get it out of the well at that time,' Nanny said on Wednesday night. 

On Wednesday, a truck carrying water dispersed its contents to residents. Another truck was scheduled to bring water later in the day.

Nanny explained how fast people stopped receiving water from their faucets. 

"Well with our system being overtaxed like it is, it's just a matter of minutes actually. Our reservoir was not full when our pump malfunctioned so we turned on the auxiliary pump and low and behold, it pumped air. We have no water," Nanny said.

Barnhart's well malfunctioned this summer as well but the town is still standing. With Texas going on a five year record setting drought, Barnhart seems like it could dry up. NewsWest 9 asked Nanny if Barnhart could be a ghost town.

"That is a distinct possibility. I won't go out on any limb and say yea or nay to that," Nanny said. 

As of Wednesday night, the residents of Barnhart still have no water. 

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