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Big Spring Police Officer Federally Indicted

Anum Valliani
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING -  23-year-old Officer Matt Castaneda has been arrested. U.S. Marshals came to serve the Federal warrant for Castaneda, who was off duty when it happened.

His indictment has been sealed so little is known about why he was taken in. But officials say it all stems from allegations by a previous employer, not the Big Spring Police Department.

Officials with the Police Department say Matt Castaneda definitely did his job as an officer while he was there. But it's accusations brought on by a previous employer that led to his arrest. NewsWest 9 found out from his Facebook page that he used to work at the GEO group, though NewsWest 9 can't confirm that's where the accusations came from.

Castaneda's page shows he worked as a corrections officer for four years until 2012. Later that year, he became an officer in Big Spring where they say he didn't cause any trouble.

But now he's on the other side of the law. 

According to a statement by the Big Spring Police Department, "The Big Spring Police Department has cooperated fully with this investigation with the U.S. Department of Justice and will continue to do so.  Due to this being an ongoing investigation, no further comment will be given by the Big Spring Police Department."

Big Spring Police also said that the Department of Justice hasn't questioned the Police Department because the case "has nothing to do with them." 

Castaneda is currently being held at the Taylor County Jail, while the Office of the Inspector General investigates the allegations. The Big Spring Police Department says that Officer Castaneda is currently on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation. 

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