"Braking Bad": A New Series That Documents Bad Drivers in the Basin

"Braking Bad": A New Series That Documents Bad Drivers in the Basin

By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9 9

MIDLAND- It seems like everyone in the Basin has been a witness to bad driving and poor decisions on the road and you've probably even stumbled across some bad parking jobs, but besides baring witness to the recklessness, there isn't anything you can do about it until now.

"There are some horrible drivers in West Texas and I just wanted a way to say 'hey, stop driving like this.' We've had so many traffic deaths and so many accidents and it seems like people don't care. So I just mounted a camera on my car and went out," Spencer Bennett, Morning producer at KODM, said.

Spencer Bennett recently came up with an idea to document his encounters with bad drivers by mounting a camera on his dash board and what he discovered probably wouldn't be surprising to anyone who has driven in west Texas.

Now NewsWest 9 is teaming up with Bennett, who works with our media partner Townsquare Media, in a new series called "Braking Bad" in hopes to lower the amount of careless drivers on the road.

"There is never going to be enough police to police, there is never going to be enough cameras that will stop bad drivers but if you can get that one person to get off the cell phone or if you can get that one person to stop driving distracted, you might save a life," Bennett said.

So the next time you witness bad driving or illegal parking, document it and we might use your footage in our series. If you decide you want to get involved, there is just one thing we ask.

"If you shoot us a picture of bad driving or parking, I just want to stress this, don't drive and shoot video please. If you can get a picture of someone or video and you're in the passenger seat and you catch someone doing bad driving, that's great," Bennett said.

To submit your photos and videos of bad drivers, click here for information on how that can be done.