Playboy Marfa Comes Down

Playboy Marfa Comes Down

By: Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

MARFA- It has only been six months since Playboy Marfa made its mark in West Texas. Although some called it art, the Texas Department of Transportation said it had to come down.

The art installation was removed on Monday but the art has already found a new home. Playboy Enterprises tells NewsWest 9 that "Elements of the Marfa installation, intended as a temporary fixture, will travel to Dallas contemporary, an art museum in Dallas, where it will re-emerge."

Meanwhile, a totally new, artist edition Dodge Charger will make its worldwide debut at a December 3rd exhibition during Art Basel Miami as part of the second phase of contemporary artist Richard Phillips' collaboration with Playboy.   

The Playboy installation isn't the only thing TXDOT has their eyes on. Prada Marfa has also created some controversy. In regards to that installation, TXDOT hasn't made up their mind just yet.

But Spencer Bennett, creator of the save Prada Marfa Facebook page, says he thinks the removal of Playboy Marfa will actually help Prada Marfa.

"I think for Prada Marfa that's going to be beneficial because you don't have two structures that you're dealing with TXDOT with. There's not the question with commercial versus art now. I think that it's pretty clear that Prada Marfa is art I think it would be easier for TXDOT to move forward and maybe give Prada Marfa an exemption," Bennett said.

But until TXDOT makes their ruling, Bennett remains hopeful that people will continue to fight for art in Marfa.

"I hope that people will continue to fight for something that's obviously artwork and I hope that TXDOT will get the message and hopefully recant and leave Prada Marfa alone," Bennett said.

NewsWest 9 did reach out to TXDOT on Tuesday for a comment on the removal of Playboy Marfa and the future of Prada Marfa but they haven't returned our calls.