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NewsWest 9 Gets a Sneak Peek of the New Andrews Volunteer Fire Department Building

By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS- $2 million dollars and months of building and planning. Now all that's left is the finishing touches before the doors open to the brand new volunteer fire department in Andrews.

"The department here is a very dedicated department, the public really supports it and they really have appreciated the investment that we are putting into this building," Andrews City Manager, Glen Hackler, said.

Now for the first time ever, the fire department will be able to work entirely out of one building.

"To be able to respond and have all the units in one place and just to have the room that we have never had, it's going to be exciting," Andrews Fire Chief, Joe Harper, said.

The new fire house is more than double the size of the old building.

"The new fire station is 22,000 square feet and it's funded from excess sales tax that we've been bringing in for the City of Andrews," Hackler said.

But the building isn't the only thing new to the volunteer firefighters, the city and county have also spent over a million dollars in additional improvements just this year alone.

"The county has invested in a new ladder truck which was about $800,000. The City of Andrews and County contributed about $700,000 for a new training facility, that's an outdoor facility with the latest technology there," Hackler said.

The city and firefighters are looking forward to a new building and a new chapter.

"There's a lot of elements about this. I think everybody is getting enthusiastic and frankly it's a great looking building and one that we are proud of," Hackler said.

"We are going to move over here and have the room the we need in order to have all of our fire trucks together," Harper said.

The new fire house will open their doors for the first time to the public on December 14.
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