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Parents Concerned After Alleged Threats Were Made Against Midland High School

By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Controversy and concerned parents at Midland High School after some alleged shooting threats against the school were made, but the district told NewsWest 9, this all got blown way out of proportion.

"These kind of things, we always have to take them seriously, every single time. But when things get so blown out of proportion by people who have no idea what they are talking about, they just take a life of their own and they get in the way of a lot of things we need to accomplish on campus," MISD Superintendent, Dr. Ryder Warren, said.

But concerned parents NewsWest 9 spoke with Friday, who wanted to remain anonymous, want to know why they weren't informed.

"The district needs to let us know. I mean because it makes us worry that something might happen and when they don't inform us, it makes me mad," one parent said.

"If they would have come out and said, 'hey this is what we're working with, this is what we're doing, this is how we're assessing the problem' then we wouldn't have such a fear to send our kids to school," another concerned parent, said.

However Dr. Warren says the situation is under control, everything just got completely out of hand.

"My guys have been working on an issue for three or four days but it's not a credible threat to the school. There was never a credible threat to the school, this is something that was taken by another student and blown way out of proportion and now we're having to deal with it on Friday."

But parents still think the district has some explaining to do.

"An apology. They should have informed us yesterday (Thursday) and let us know that this was going on" another parent said. 

"We just ask that the school system take more steps to protect our children," an upset parent, said.

As for the alleged threats, Dr. Warren is blaming this rumor mill on social media sites, like Facebook, and he has a strong opinion on social media.

"The Superintendent of schools hates all social media," Dr. Warren said.

Dr. Warren wants to emphasize that the district was completely in control of the situation the entire time and there were no credible threats were made against the school.

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