Andrews Man Withdraws His Guilty Plea in Federal Court

Andrews Man Withdraws His Guilty Plea in Federal Court

Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

Minutes before Harold Callaway's sentencing hearing, everything came to a halt, that's because Callaway decided to withdraw his guilty plea. A hearing has now been set for November 26. At that time, the judge will decide whether he will allow Callaway to withdraw his guilty plea.

48-year-old Harold Bruce Callaway is accused of producing child pornography and obscene visual depiction of sexual abuse to a minor. According to court documents in February of 2013, Callaway took sexually explicit photos of a five year old relative. This allegedly happened over a two day period while he was taking care of the girl.

In the court papers, Callaway allegedly told the child to lay back and spread her legs open, exposing her pubic area. In most pictures the girls face can be seen, and in at least one photo the child is holding a dollar bill, again with her legs spread open. Officials believe Callaway may have enticed her with money to take the photos.

According to court documents, Callaway sexually abused two other relatives about 24 years ago. One of the alleged victims, who is now an adult, was in Callaway's care as a child. She says, she and her sister were sexually assaulted too.

That victim claims it started when she was three years old and that Callaway would sexually abuse her younger sister in front of her. She testified that she would beg Callaway to touch her instead, in an effort to protect her sister.

According to official documents, Callaway would justify his actions by claiming she begged him so the little girl must have wanted it. Depending on the sentencing, Callaway could be looking to spend the rest of his life in federal prison.

U.S. Attorney Austin Berry sent NewsWest 9 a statement after the events that took place in court Thursday, "Today (Thursday) defendant Callaway was scheduled to be sentenced for his crimes against a five year old girl but instead he informed the court that he wants to withdraw his guilty plea and go to trial. In a couple of weeks, the court will make a decision about whether his plea will stand or he'll go to trial. The United States is prepared either way."

NewsWest 9 will continue to follow this case and bring you information on Callaway's sentencing as it becomes available to us.