Big Spring Builds Rails For Better Jobs

Big Spring Builds Rails For Better Jobs

by Brian Wise NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- Big Spring is all aboard when it comes to making new rail lines.

On Tuesday, the city gave $493,000 to build a longer rail through the city's Airport Industrial Park. It's all part of a $1.5 million dollar project to aid local business.

Terry Wegman is the executive director of Big Spring's Economic Development Corporation.

"This project that was approved last (Tuesday) night and will be the first step in building out that infrastructure as well," Wegman said.

Wegman and the City of Big Spring plan to take part of the industrial park and turn it into a series of rails so that businesses can get raw materials more quickly. Faster and cheaper production is attractive to businesses and that means the potential for more jobs.

"If we can make them more profitable, so to speak, there is a lot better likelihood, they will maintain their presence in Big Spring and continue to provide really good jobs to the community," Wegman said.

The first company to benefit will be Western Container, a company that makes bottles for soda. Right now, Western Container uses semi-trucks to get raw materials. But there are other industries that could use the rails. Wegman says lumber, pipes and oil industries at the park would benefit as well.

"Our whole mission is creating new business and bringing new jobs to the community," Wegman said.

The Big Spring's Economic Development Corporation says the first rail line could be completed as early as next year. From there, the railroad tracks will continue to snake south through the industrial park. There is no word yet on when the entire project will be completed.