City Approves New Restrictions on Alcohol Sales in Andrews

City Approves New Restrictions on Alcohol Sales in Andrews

By: Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

ANDREWS- It's only been a week since alcohol sales got approved by voters in Andrews but on Wednesday, the city made it official.

"The city council canvassed the votes from the election today (Wednesday) and certified them as official. So from this point forward, those who either want to sell on premises alcohol in restaurants can do so with a permit, also those who want to sell beer and wine in convenience stores can also apply for a permit with the state," Andrews City Manager, Glen Hackler, said.

But before restaurants and convenience store owners jump the gun to submit their permits, they need to make sure they're complying with some new restrictions.

"A distance regulation ordinance that would allow the council to adopt a distance from schools, churches, hospitals and daycare's of 300 feet," Hackler said.

The 300 feet distance regulation was unanimously approved Wednesday by city council but the city says this restriction shouldn't be surprising.

"We surveyed every city that was comparable to Andrews from Lubbock down to Midland and Odessa and every city that we surveyed 100 percent of them had the 300 foot distance regulation," Hackler said.

The votes and restrictions now have the city's stamp of approval but before you can pick up some beer at the store or order a drink at a restaurant, there are a few more steps that have to be taken first.

"To my understanding is that TABC is committed to getting someone a permit within 30 to 45 days. It's also my understanding that restaurants have a 60 day wait before they can apply because there are some posting requirements under the state law," Hackler said.

The city also told NewsWest 9 that they cannot pass any other restrictions on alcohol sales and they do not think this regulation will affect a lot of businesses.