Odessa City Council Discusses, Debates $53 Million for Projects

Odessa City Council Discusses, Debates $53 Million for Projects

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The City of Odessa has $53 million to spend on improvement projects. On Tuesday evening, Odessa City Council members discussed where that money should go.

The city took out bonds in order to make the improvements.

"We're looking not for specific projects, not this project or this project, we're looking for dollar amounts in each areas," City Manager Richard Morton said in the discussion.

A list with improvement projects needed throughout the city was handed out but it's what was on that list that sparked some debate.

There were some concerns about whether the money would be spent on new projects around Odessa or reconstruction projects.

District three Councilwoman Barbara Graff said she'd like to see money spent on the city's drainage system. However a big project like that takes time and a lot more money.

"We can't go back and fix how things were made back before so we need to focus a little bit on reconstructing and rehabbing our existing issues," Andrea Goodson, Public Information Officer for the city, said.

Morton wanted to focus on newer developments.

"We do have so much growth in our community right now that we can look toward the future and as that development is occurring for the future, we can regulate that," Goodson said.

But one thing everyone could agree on is something we use everyday: Roads topped the list for needed improvements.

In the end, city leaders agreed the majority of the money should be used for roads and drainage and a small portion for parks.

No official action was taken on the issue.