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Study Suggests Disincorporation Would Benefit City of Big Lake

Anum Valliani
NewsWest 9

BIG LAKE - It's one less government to go through- that's what Reagan County officials are saying as they've been looking into the possibility of disincorporating the city of Big Lake.  

"It's a financial thing more than anything," Reagan County Judge, Larry Isom, said.

According to County leaders, Big Lake would save $750,000 a year if it unincorprates, since taxpayers would pay three more cents per hundred to the county. They would also stop having to pay city taxes altogether. All that extra money raised by the county would go into repairing streets and adding infrastructure.

Big Lake residents like Arianna Castillo think that's a good move. 

"I guess after you pass 2nd Street just to the south side, that's what needs work," she said.

Judge Isom says the Commissioners roles would increase dramatically but locals say they can't really see a difference between the two governing agencies.

In fact, officials say the county has been running most of Big Lake already. Earlier in the year, they furnished the EMT, ambulance and fire departments. Plus the parks are located in the county and there is no city police. If the city does get disbanded, so would the city council but the employees jobs would still be safe.

Judge Isom said the city folks would actually get a pay raise because the county pays more than the city. 

If there's enough local support it would go to a vote next May.

"With 400 signatures delivered to the Mayor, it has to be put on the ballot. It's not a choice if the Mayor wants to or if the city wants to, it has to be," Isom said.

Officials are still waiting on results from another study that weighs the general pros and cons for dissolving the city. Once they receive it, the county will release the information to the public and go from there.

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