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Mayor Elect's Son Arrested For Possession of a Controlled Substance

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MIDLAND - The son of Midland Mayor-Elect Jerry Morales is behind bars after getting caught with cocaine.

20-year-old Chase Morales is now facing drug possession charges.

Police spotted him in an SUV in the parking lot of Club Arriba with another man.

As they drove past, both men got out of the vehicle then quickly entered the club.

When officers searched the area around the SUV, they found a bag of cocaine just outside the door and more cocaine in plain view inside the SUV.

The cops went into the club and noticed the men walking quickly to the exit.

One of them confronted Morales and had to force him to the ground when he tried to ignore the officer.

Morales tried to deny any wrongdoing at first then admitted to using the drug and told them there was hydrocodone in the SUV too.

Jerry Morales sent NewsWest 9 the following comment regarding his son's arrest, "I really don't have a response. It is a family matter. We love Chase. It is just like some families that go through these issues. It will stay private. It will stay within our family, and we will handle it on that basis. Right now it's a personal issue. We are going to handle it and move forward as a family."

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