Old, New Midland Mayors Looking Ahead

Old, New Midland Mayors Looking Ahead

Brian Wise
NewsWest 9 

MIDLAND- The days are getting shorter, the nights are coming sooner and the City of Midland keeps on going. Newly elected Mayor, Jerry Morales, spoke about the city on Wednesday afternoon to NewsWest 9.

"Midland's a thriving economy, we're very blessed with all that's happening with our oil and gas. Midlanders know we are going to take care of Midland," Morales said.

Change happened on Tuesday night when Midland chose Jerry Morales to be the city's next Mayor. Midland is changing and continuing to grow, with more people and more projects on the way. Morales has served on the city council and knows the issues Midland faces day to day.

"Sure we know that traffic congestion is still a major issue. New and improved roads, housing, water. People are very concerned about future water. For me, it's really important that citizens know that we are going to have a well planned community, that we are a business friendly community," Morales said.

Wes Perry, the current mayor, is ready to start a new phase of life.

"Yes for me it's probably more, going back to some business things. I'll be able to focus on some of that. We have grandkids so I'll be able to do some family things," Perry said.

Perry's term is up next year. He says the time between now and January is time to find deeper issues affecting Midland.

"During a campaign, you hear alot of things you may not know about if your on the council because you're meeting with so many different groups and they are all talking about things that are important. So I'm going to be anxious to hear what he's (Morales) heard during the campaign and then help him get that ball rolling," Perry said.

Perry and Morales have both served the city for a number of years. Mayor Perry told NewsWestm 9 that he will meet with the future mayor to talk one on one about issues during the campaign. He also said other candidates have valuable insight from being on the campaign trail.