Midland Mayoral Candidates: A Quick Brief Before Election Day

Midland Mayoral Candidates: A Quick Brief Before Election Day

Anum Valliani
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - With five candidates for running for Mayor of Midland, there are a lot of campaign issues to consider. So here's a quick recap of each candidate and the issues that are a focal point in the race, along with a selling point from the candidates.

"I don't know how to spend your money. I don't know how to run your business. I don't know how to live your life. But I'm the only candidate that wants to let you," Midland Mayoral Candidate, Dan Anderson, said.

"There are some pretty big shoes to fill but if anyone's gonna fill those shoes, it's going to be me," Midland Mayoral Candidate, John James, said.

"Of the people for the people by the people. I want to put it back in the people's hands," Midland Mayoral Candidate, Keith McLelland, said.

"I understand where Midland is today and I want to make sure that I'm the leader that can take us into tomorrow," Midland Mayoral Candidate, Jerry Morales, said.

"I'm just multi talented and I'm ready to be the greatest contribution I can be for my community in Midland, Texas," Midland Mayoral Candidate, Kathy White, said.

They all want the job but on Tuesday, only one of them will be named Mayor.

If you still need help deciding who to vote for, here's a breakdown of each candidate's platform and how they vary from, or match, the others.

Anderson and McLelland are against the Energy Tower because they're more in favor of letting people determine how to spend their money. Although, James also supports taxpayers being in control of what to do with their tax money, he believes downtown revitalization is a must and the Energy Tower will bring much economic gain.

White agrees there and she also wants to raise the paychecks for first responders, which she and McLelland have in common, along with their mutual interest in developing long term water conservation plans.

They say they're all about people infrastructure but Morales has his eye on fixing the physical infrastructure and other issues related to the boom, like bringing in more diverse businesses and personnel to man them.

This is just a glimpse of what the candidates stand for. On Tuesday, voting will take place at any location being run by the Midland County Elections Office.

NewsWest 9 has learned that James will be at the Cogdell voting location at 10 a.m. on Tuesday and the Jerry Morales Campaign will be at the Ranchland Hills Golf Club (1600 E Wadley) at 6:30 p.m. until all the results are in.

Anderson says he won't be campaigning on Tuesday but plans to show up to some polls with a petition to end the Midland Development Council. He said he also wants to combine events with McLelland and that they're both hoping to eventually organize their support groups into a unified one of conservatives. 

NewsWest 9 hasn't heard back from either Anderson or McLelland about their plans for Tuesday.