Small Businesses Benefiting from the Boom

Small Businesses Benefiting from the Boom

by Audrey Castoreno
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - There are a ton of new business chains coming to the Basin because of the oil boom. But how are those home grown businesses doing?

NewsWest 9 had the opportunity to catch up with Joe James of Joe James Salon and Day Spa to see how the rush of black gold has helped his business.

"If you've gotta go to a salon early in the morning, this is the coolest one you can hang out at. I promise you," Joe James Salon and Spa Owner, Joe James Camarillo, said.

He's talking about the new Joe James Salon and Spa in Odessa. Since the oil boom, Joe James has been able to expand his home grown business.

"Prior to this obviously we didn't have a presence in Odessa. I think it's going to take a little time but it's all coming together really really nice," Joe James said.

You won't get just a duplicate of the salon and spa in Midland. This spa has a contemporary look to it. Bringing a modern new energy to the Odessa area.

"I didn't create a Joe James Salon like the one in Midland for Odessa. I created a Joe James Salon in Odessa for Odessa," Joe James said.

Joe James says the only thing you will see duplicated is their customer service.

It took a some time and a lot of hard work for Joe James' business to get to where they are able to serve two towns within the Basin.

"I've done this for 28 years; and I did, I always wanted to have another Joe James Salon and Day Spa. This opportunity with the economy and the state that it's in gave us that," Joe James said.

Yes, black gold has definitely given Joe James that final nudge he needed to open up a second location. A sign of the times that even small business owners can take advantage of the booming economy.

He even gave some advice for other small business owners looking to expand.

"What I would tell someone young, if you're at a place now with your business and you have a tremendous sustainability then by all means leap forward and do the next step. That's what we did and it worked out really well for us," Joe James said.