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Odessa Man Pleads Guilty to Possession of Child Pornography

By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

Downloading more than 1,300 images of child pornography, that's what Corey Dean Farmer pled guilty to on Friday morning.

According to the plea agreement, a federal search warrant was executed at Farmer's home in May of 2013, that's where agents found six different laptops and five external hard drives. The content found on those computers is what's putting Farmer behind bars.

Some of the images that were downloaded were so graphic we're unable to explain exactly what they entailed but most of them showed children under the age of 12 in sexuality explicit poses. Other images included young children being penetrated by adult males.

An investigation revealed that Farmer was using different "peer to peer" programs also known as "P2P" to get his hands on child pornography images. Farmer was even searching terms like "PTHC" which stands for pre-teen hard core. Farmer admits to downloading the illegal photos and videos by using a peer to peer network but it doesn't stop there. He also made all of the images he downloaded accessible to other users on that P2P network by enabling a sharing option. Meaning users from around the world could download Farmers child pornography images.

Austin Berry, Assistant U.S. attorney, sent NewsWest 9 this statement regarding Corey Farmer's case: "Today, this defendant has been brought to justice thanks to the diligent investigative work by Homeland Security agents working everyday here in the Permian Basin. These agents have improved our community by removing yet another person with sexual interest in our children."

As for how long Farmer will serve his time has not yet been determined. It's anywhere between 151 and 188 months. His sentencing is set for January of next year.
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