Waste Control Specialists in Andrews County Receives International Request

Waste Control Specialists in Andrews County Receives International Request

By Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

ANDREWS COUNTY- Japan has their eyes on West Texas and it's all because of the Waste Control Specialist Facility in Andrews County.

"Well recently WCS has been hosting a lot of national and international visitors. Now that we're open, people are coming from all over the world to see the safe and secure disposal that is taking place out there," Waste Control Specialists Spokesman, Chuck McDonald, said.

WCS is the only commercial site in the Nation that can dispose of low level radioactive waste and its uniqueness has paid off. The Japan Atomic Energy Agency is so impressed with the West Texas facility, they're now wanting one of their own.

"The officials from Japan came out and looked at everything. We gave them a full presentation and explanation of it and then they followed up and said is it okay if we take this to the public because we want the public support for something like this in Japan. So of course, we said that's fine and they have another delegation coming back in the future as well," McDonald said.

WCS says they are humbled and they fully support Japan and their goal for an international standard for disposal of radioactive waste.

"It's gratifying to us at WCS and it's something that all of our employees are proud of because we really do have something that the rest of the world recognizes as the best possible way to handle radioactive waste," McDonald said.