Big Lake Planning to Issue $5 Million For Road Repairs

Big Lake Planning to Issue $5 Million For Road Repairs

Anum Valliani
NewsWest 9

BIG LAKE - Ask Big Lake how they feel about their roads and they'll tell you it's a nightmare. On Tuesday, the city held an open workshop to get the public's input in how to address the problem.

They were playing with a few different options and now the city is planning to issue a five million dollar bond, solely for street repair.

Officials have targeted two types of projects: those involving reconstruction and pavement and others that would need the less expensive seal coat, which is for more mild fixes, like filling pot holes.

Reconstruction will mainly take place on the south side of town. This includes S Plaza Ave., South Railroad Street, Russek, Walters and Sengelmann.

And seal coat projects are geared at three streets: Florida, 12th and Plaza.

Then, if they have enough money, the city will take on paving Industrial Park, which is a highly-used dirt road that has never been paved before.

Engineers will be at the city's November fifth meeting to ballpark the cost of these projects, and if the city gives the green light, road reconstruction could begin this winter.

The bond will be a general obligation bond which means the public won't have to vote for it; the city just basically has to prove it's financially capable of taking on the debt and city officials say they believe they are.