Three Arrested for Stealing Booze, Cigarettes in Midland County

Three Arrested for Stealing Booze, Cigarettes in Midland County

Anum Valliani
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY- Bold criminals, high speed chases, car crashes - It all has the makings of a movie, but in real life, we've been seeing a lot of burglaries in West Texas lately.

Recently, three brazen burglars went into a Midland County 7-11 and they walked out with trash bags filled with exactly what they wanted- cigarettes and beer. In fact, the suspects didn't even try to get into the cash register!

"It's foolish, I mean why would you throw your life away for cigarettes and beer?" Midland County Sheriff, Gary Painter, said.

Now, 39-year-old Tonya Marichalar, 27-year-old Alejandro Marquez and Ernest Marquez are facing up to 10 years in prison for some third degree felonies.

According to reports, early on Saturday morning, Midland County deputies responded to an alarm call at the 7-11 on 13920 West Highway 80. When officers arrived, Ernest Marquez was trying to scale a fence and run away. But he never made it to the other side. Then the sheriff personally went on a chase to hunt the other two.

Alejandro Marquez hopped into a red pickup, sped down the Highway 80 service road, crashed straight through a barrier, hopped the curb and eventually nose-dived straight into a ditch below on Faudree.

"Tore his vehicle up pretty badly, banged them up kinda, run their head into the windshield, cut em up a little bit," Painter said.

The two were sent to Midland Memorial Hospital for their injuries.

All three suspects have been caught and arrested. Marichalar and Ernest Marquez are being charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and burglary of a building. Alejandro Marquez also has an evading arrest in a motor vehicle charge on top of that. Everything that was stolen has been repossessed.

Sheriff Painter said criminals are becoming more aggressive because they don't want to end up behind bars. He said they tend to fight back, not realizing that will put them in the cell longer.

"All they're doing is stacking up charges," he said. And he also wanted to pass along a message for future runners.

"You might be able to outrun the Dodge or outrun the Ford or outrun the Chevrolet, but you can't outrun Motorola and I can have 10-15 law enforcement officials on top of you in a very short period of time. You can't get away," he said.

The sheriff says these suspects could be responsible for another robbery that happened at the same location a week prior to the most recent robbery.