Midland Police Cracking Down on Speeding, Traffic Violations

Midland Police Cracking Down on Speeding, Traffic Violations

By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Dangerous driving has become a growing problem in the Basin and it's making some locals worried about getting on the roads.

"They drive too fast, they cut in and out of traffic," Resident, Patty Leonard, said.

"The trucks are going extremely fast, they are right up on you, pushing you, so you better move over or get out of the way," Resident, Kathy Keller, said.

"People are tailgating all over the place," Resident, Greg Reeves, said.

Reckless driving and traffic violations has quickly become some of the biggest factors in car crashes in Midland but the Midland Police Department has started to take action.

"Everyone is aware there is an increase in overall accidents and fatalities and wrecks. And so the department implemented some enforcement activity," Midland Police Department Lieutenant, Ray Leible, said.

That enforcement is working, over 1,000 more tickets have been given this year just for traffic violations and over 900 for speeding. You also might not want to push the limits on Loop 250. Police have given out almost 200 more speeding tickets on it just this year, that's a 53 percent increase from last year.

"The speed limit in Midland, Texas, especially on the Loop, is not a suggestion, it is the posted speed limit. Please remember that is the maximum speed that you are allowed to travel," Leible said.

Even though police are giving their words of caution, some are still afraid other drivers just aren't listening.

"I mean I drive the speed limit or under, mostly the speed limit especially on (Loop) 250 or (Highway) 191 and they pass me like I'm standing still," Leonard said.

"You just hold your breath when you pull out because traffic is coming from all different directions and it's an extremely busy area," Keller said.