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Explosive Device Found at Midland Elementary School

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It looked like a normal school day at Milam Elementary but Monday morning was anything but.

"I was just shocked you know," Wenell Green, a parent, said.

"Scared," Kevin Cornelious, another parent, said. "We got the voice message that there was a potential bomb threat here at the school."

Around 8 a.m., a call came in for an explosive device found outside the front door of the school.

The campus was put on lockdown and classes close to the front of the school were evacuated. MISD Police and Midland Police made a sweep of the building.

"When Midland Police Department examined the device, they concluded it was either a large firework or some kind of oilfield device and they took possession of it and removed it from the campus," MISD Police Chief, David Colburn, said.

After talking to kids at school, it turns out a student is the one who brought it from home.

"It was just a device that the child was unaware of and the Midland Police Department Bomb Unit did indicate that there was no real chance that the device could've gone off," Chief Colburn said.

Milam parents were notified via voicemail about the potential threat after the all clear was given.

"It kept us in the loop of everything going on at that time," Cornelious said.

Chief Colburn said the student will not be facing any punishment.

"We didn't have anything of a criminal nature because no one had actually called in a threat," he said.

School officials are using this as a lesson for parents to pay extra attention in the mornings.

"Just make sure that anything they may have been playing with over the weekend, it might be a prohibited type item at school," Chief Colburn said. "Just clear our their backpacks and make sure they're good to go."

And parents agree.

"That's how kids get away with stuff," Green said.

"I am a nosey parent so I have to know what's going on at school alone and at home, what they take into school and what they're bringing back," Cornelious said.

A detailed note about what happened was also sent home to parents. We're told the student who had the device was under the age of ten.

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