Car Crashes Into House in Big Spring, Police Searching For The Driver

Car Crashes Into House in Big Spring, Police Searching For The Driver

Anum Valliani
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - A Big Spring man discovered someone parked in his garage, by crashing into it. Carl Reynolds was asleep when a car decided to strike the side of his brick house.

"It's something different that happened to me, I mean it's not an everyday thing with me," Reynolds said

Which is why, when police woke him up, he took around 60 pictures of what had happened.

"It's really strange. It didn't really upset me. It's just something that had happened and I don't have control over that," he said.

Reynolds said a Black Cadillac, probably about ten years old, and without a registered licensed plate, was responsible for crashing through the garage and damaging his truck. Even though they could see the air bags had gone off, there was no sign of the driver.

Reynolds said he never would have thought this could happen to him.

"Because look at this hill here," he said. "I'm on an incline and I kept thinking, 'You know there's no way that a car is ever gonna come up this hill and hit my house.'"

But that appears to be what happened. Reynolds says the driver had quite a joy ride. He came up over a hill, avoided a utility pole by swerving over the median. Tire tracks bear the proof as he finally went over the curb on another incline before colliding with the wall and crashing into the garage.

"It could have been worse. It could have been my living room, it could have been my bedroom. So it's a truck and garage, it's material things and you deal with it," Reynolds said.

Reynolds lives alone, except for his dog CoCo, who was passed out under the covers right next to him throughout the whole initial ordeal. There aren't any known injuries and Reynolds' says there's one more blessing in disguise.

"I bought the house in April and my plan was to repaint the garage because I don't like the color so now I get to repaint," he said.

Police are still looking for the driver and investigating the case.