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Parents Outraged in McCamey After Claims Were Made That Students Had to Clean Up Feces

By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

MCCAMEY- Some parents in McCamey are outraged. They claim the primary school principal forced their kids to clean up human feces in a school restroom. In fact, those accusations may have led to the resignation of Principal Gaylon Doan on Thursday.

"It just infuriated me and I was very upset," Parent, Sonia DeLeon, said.

DeLeon says she was outraged after her son told her that he and his classmates were forced to clean feces off the bathroom stall at school. She and other parents claim former McCamey primary school principal Gaylon Doan is the one who made them do it.

"The principal calls all the fourth grade boys down to meet with him and asked them 'do you y'all know what crap is?' And they were like 'yes sir' and he says 'well there's crap all over the stall and all are going to clean it up'" DeLeon said.

"They were told that if they didn't clean it in five minutes, he was going to make them run until their nose bled," Concerned Parent, Yecenia Baeza, said.

The students also claim they had to clean up the feces with their bare hands. 
"He was not the one who made the mess but he was there cleaning without any kind of sanitary products," Parent, Marco Diaz, said.

"He doesn't give them anything to clean it up, he just says, it better get cleaned up," DeLeon said.

"Not just as far as having to clean it, but health-wise they didn't wear gloves, they used toilet paper to clean the stuff up," Baeza said.

Parents are now asking the school district to bring in the health department to test their kids for any potential illnesses.

"Any other way, take away privileges, you know, whatever he had to do," DeLeon said.

"Parents should have been notified," Baeza said.

"It was wrong very wrong, he shouldn't have done it, period," Parent, Yecenia Juarez, said.

At this point these are all allegations. While the superintendent, Jan Hunt, would not confirm specifics of what happened she did say they are investigating an incident. She also told NewsWest 9 that the district has put in calls to the health department to try and get the kids involved in this incident tested. 
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