Odessa Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested

Odessa Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested

Anum Valliani
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The brazen thief accused of tying up a man and looting an entire street in Odessa last week has been caught. Bryan Payne was arrested at his Midland home early Wednesday morning. Those affected by his robberies on Orchid Lane in Odessa couldn't be happier that Payne is behind bars.

"It really makes my day," J.R. Pickens, said.

Pickens and his son were among the victims from the armed burglar. They call Bryan bold to be able to rob multiple houses with people in them and tie them up and hold them at gunpoint, all in broad daylight. They also believe he wasn't alone.

"He has a partner that's running around here too because there's no way he could have gotten that wheel bar from here to there by himself," he said.

Payne had lugged loot from houses along the block to the other side where he took off with all of the electronics, guns, jewelry, toolboxes and even clothes in the hostage's truck.

A tip to Odessa CrimeStoppers helped identify Payne as the suspect in the robberies and led to his arrest in the 5100 block of Storey Avenue in Midland.

Midland Police Officers responded to the scene where they were led through the house to the backyard where they found Payne sleeping on a recliner.

According to an affidavit, Payne woke up and immediately began fighting with the cops. The report states he had been armed with a Kimber .45 caliber gun from the robbery and was resisting arrest. So they used pepper spray to settle him down and take him in.

One long-time resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she isn't sold that this is the end of it.

"It changes everything you think about when you thought you were pretty much safe, now you don't feel like you're safe anymore," she said.

She said she had seen cops at that house multiple times and Payne already has two felony convictions. Plus, she said her car was broken into three days ago.

"We still should be cautious just because of all that. You don't know what is actually really going on," she said.

Meanwhile, most residents on Orchid Lane have newly installed home security systems. And if all else fails, Pickens has a gun.

"I'm going to do what I have to do to protect my property and myself," Pickens said.

Payne's charges for the stolen firearm and felon in possession are still pending. He also has a separate warrant being issued from the Odessa Police Department for burglary of a habitation with intent.