TXDOT Gets More Funding, Less Likely to Come to Permian Basin

TXDOT Gets More Funding, Less Likely to Come to Permian Basin

Brian Wise
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN - Accident after accident after accident. Our state roads have seen their share of death and destruction. With more people coming to the Permian Basin and the oil still pumping, there are more trucks and cars on the road.

The Texas State Legislature has recently found more money for our roads though. When going through funds for the annual TXDOT budget, the legislature found more than $1.6 million extra dollars from vehicle registration and $7 million dollars in fuel taxes.

"Because of the massive growth and influx into our state of folks from out of state, they really underestimated and didn't factor in the increase in vehicle registrations and so now they are looking at making special appropriations through the legislative budget board to compensate for that," James Beauchamp, President of MOTRAN Alliance in Midland, said.

Beauchamp is the President of the of the lobbying group MOTRAN Alliance. Part of the aim of MOTRAN is to put more money towards our state roads; particularly Midland/Odessa. TXDOT in Austin e-mailed NewsWest 9 with this to say about the roads in our area.

"The growing volume of traffic is stressing roadways that were not designed for current and future increase in vehicles," TXDOT said on Wednesday.

This means TXDOT acknowledges that roads in Midland/Odessa can't handle the traffic. The problem is that though we put in alot of tax to the state, we don't see a lot come out to our area to improve roads.

"Just in Midland and Odessa, as a whole we pay about $85 million dollars. Actually at this point, probably closer to $90 million. Each and every year in vehicle registration and fuel taxes," Beauchamp said.