Controversy Surrounding Keep Andrews Dry Campaign

Controversy Surrounding Keep Andrews Dry Campaign

By: Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

ANDREWS- The fight for alcohol sales in Andrews continues. It's all over campaign spending by Keep Andrews Dry.

Supporters say the group didn't file the proper paperwork. 

"I know that just yesterday, the Keep Andrews Dry finally decided to file their paperwork which means they have been working outside of the law for six months," Eliano said.

Rolando Eliano, with the Andrews Expansion Council, claims his opponents, Keep Andrews Dry broke the law.

So NewsWest 9 did some digging of our own. According to the Texas Election Code, campaign committees must file a designated treasurer to the city once they have received or spent $500. Both groups had their first deadline on October seventh, 30 days before the November fifth election. The deadline was even extended by a few days because October fifth landed on a weekend.

According to the finance reports that were filed to the city, the Andrews Expansion Council filed on June fifth, July 15 and October seventh but Keep Andrews Dry didn't file anything until October 22, past the October seventh deadline.

"Yes, the paperwork has all been filled out, it just hadn't been filed correctly," Glenn Hammock with Keep Andrews Dry, said.

According to the Keep Andrews Dry finance report, the campaign started receiving money as early as July and according to Lamar Advertising, Keep Andrews Dry spent over $500 in advertisements in August and September.

"The contract was signed. we had a contract signed in late August and early September.

We generally charge $600 dollars a month and those signs will be up until after the election," Chris Stoke, General Manager with the Midland/Odessa Lamar Advertising, said.

Keep Andrews Dry said they were just confused.

"We tried to file it, but it we were told that we didn't need that and we were told so many things anyway but we got it taken care of now, it's filed, it's all done, it's all legal," Hammock said.

But the Andrews expansion council says their taking the findings to the state.

"I'm not sure if its up to the city but I know that we are going to file in conjunction with the ethics committee and hopefully they get to the bottom of it," Eliano said.