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Greenwood Residents Rallying Support for County Road Repairs

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

GREENWOOD - The problems on a county road out in Greenwood continue for homeowners in the area. People tell NewsWest 9 the street is riddled with potholes and they're tired of driving on it.

County officials said they've worked on the road but residents said it's not enough.

Terri Gray said enough is enough.

"There's still big potholes," Gray said. "There's not really any place you can drive that's not gonna bounce you to death."

The Greenwood resident is talking about South County Road 1040.

She's lived off the road for eight years and said it's a nightmare for drivers.

"It's costing all the residents out here tires, repairs to their vehicles," Gray said.

She isn't alone in her frustrations.

Last month, NewsWest 9 spoke with a couple of other residents about the road conditions. At the time, the road was full of potholes and most cars we saw were driving on the shoulders to avoid it.

After our last report, residents said a crew did go out to patch things up but they also said it didn't last very long.

Gray said she's contacted the Midland County Road and Bridge Department several times to make a complaint and she claims she got this response the last time she called.

"They told me if I didn't like the condition of the road to move," Gray said. "I'm not giving up my house."

Neighbors out are trying to rally support.

They've posted a sign near the mailboxes urging people to call the Pct. 2 Commissioner Robin Donnelly.

NewsWest 9 contacted Donnelly who said crews should be out this week to begin paving the road.

Donnelly said he's been working to get this sorted out however he added, "the county looks at roads with higher traffic counts and then works their way to the ones less traveled."

But Gray disagrees.

"They say, 'oh there's no traffic,' there's traffic 24/7 up and down this road. We have piles of oilfield traffic," Gray said.

Donnelly also told NewsWest 9, "the intent is to eventually pave all county maintained roads but it'll take about three years because of cost."

The work on SCR 1040 will go from FM 307 down to County Road 120 and will last about three weeks.

The commissioner said it'll be a more permanent fix.

Even so, Gray and others said they're skeptical.

"They're not gonna fix this road unless we stay on them and we keep throwing a fit," Gray said.

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