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Midland Elementary School Parents Concerned After Flyers Were Sent Out With Inappropriate Picture

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Parents at one Midland elementary are up in arms. It's all over a flyer sent out for the school's fall festival.

Someone put a picture of adult candy on the flyer. Those candies were in the shape of a penis.

NewsWest 9 got word of this flyer after an upset parent messaged us on our Facebook page.

The hand out was sent home with first grade students at Crockett Elementary in Midland to let parents know about their upcoming fall festival.

It asks for popcorn and candy donations but the picture on the flyer isn't sitting well with parents.

One of the graphics on the hand-out shows a box of penis candy and the candy itself is in the shape of penises.

The flyer went home with the students and nobody caught it until it was too late.     

Superintendent Ryder Warren says it really was a mistake on the teacher's part. 

"We have a teacher who made a really, really bad mistake. She feels horribly about it, she's embarrassed and she feels really bad for her kids in her classroom and her parents. As the Superintendent, I personally apologize to our parents who got this flyer. There was no ill spirit in this, she just made a mistake. She wanted this fall festival to be special for the kids, she just made a mistake," Warren said in a phone interview with NewsWest 9.

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