Drunk Driver Crashes Into Midland Home

Drunk Driver Crashes Into Midland Home

Anum Valliani
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A Midland woman is counting her blessings after a truck smashed through her house and managed to leave her without a scratch. Despite there being a Chevy in Chautaqua Taylor's kitchen sink instead of the dishes, she said she's just thankful and wants the whole world to know it.

Taylor, who's from California, is used to earthquakes and that's why she was surprised that the "big old boom" that knocked her off her feet was just a truck that crashed into her house.

"I'm sad, I'm messed up about it, but I'm alive," she said.

The white Chevy pummeled into her home on Lamesa and Cloverdale but she's fine along with another, smaller survivor, her dog, Diego.

Taylor said she was getting ready when she was jolted. Hair still under a something like a shower cap, she said she ran outside, started jumping up and down yelling, "Thank you Jesus."

That's when she saw the driver, 26-year-old Jose Lizalde-Rubio from El Paso, who police say was drunk.

"I'm like what happened? He said, "are you okay?" I said, "Did you hit my house?" He said, "Yeah." I said, "Why?" By that time, I already called 911 that was the end of our conversation," Taylor said.

The truck first crashed into a tree, snapping it in half and then pummeled into what was the kitchen before it came to a stop. Taylor says it could have been worse.

"He went through the house but there's a tree in front of the house. So if that tree wasn't there, he probably would have went all the way through the house," she said.

Plus, Taylor's three children weren't in the house when the truck smashed through. Still, officials warned her not to go back in just yet because there's a gas leak.

So Taylor just has to figure out where to stay in the mean time.

Police have arrested Lizalde-Rubio and charged him with a DWI. Taylor said she also plans to press charges of her own.