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Motorcycle Rally Held in Odessa to Raise Money, Increase Awareness About Breast Cancer

by Brian Wise
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- You might see more pink in October than any other time of the year. The loud color is a shout to women to be aware of their health. Kelly Stegall oversees the event.

"This is Pink the Basin motorcycle rally. It's our third annual motorcycle rally. Pink the Basin is an amazing organization that raises, money, awareness, education for the entire Permian Basin. Just to really encourage women to take control of their own healthcare," Kelly Stegall, who oversees the event, said. 

On Saturday, the Pink the Basin organization held their third annual motorcycle rally in Odessa. The event registration and sales go to fund mammograms for women at local hospitals. These mammograms have been designated by the American Cancer Society as the best way to find and treat breast cancer. Pink the Basin allows women to apply for a free screening. This helps women who may not be able to afford the cost of quality healthcare.

"We have free mammogram programs for those that qualify. It's just a great core of people that have gotten together and said lets make this happen for our Permian Basin, for our community," Stegall said.

Many organizations have promoted women's health since 1985, when the American Cancer Society started the national awareness month. In almost two decades, millions of dollars have been raised to combat this deadly condition.

Pink the Basin raised $175,000 last year for mammograms. 

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