Congressman Mike Conaway Talks With NewsWest 9

Congressman Mike Conaway Talks With NewsWest 9

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NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The government is out of the partial shutdown but our political representatives still have many issues ahead.

Congressman Mike Conaway came to NewsWest 9 on Friday to talk about moving forward from a conservative standpoint.

The shutdown ended with President Obama signing the bill for a new budget and an increase in the debt ceiling of $328 billion.

That is one of the main issues between the Democrats and the Republicans.

Conaway says America is spending its way to a second rate world power.

There is even the possibility of a second shutdown. He says we are at a critical point many do not realize

"The CR (Continuing Resolution) is through January 15, so if we don't fund the rest of this fiscal year before January 15, then yes there will be a shutdown," Conaway said. "Most folks day in and day out, it is a longer term impact. I like to use the analogy that it is like the fella that fell off the 10 story building, at the fifth floor he said, 'so far, so good."