Parents Fear For Children's Safety Because of No School Zone Signs Near Odessa School

Parents Fear For Children's Safety Because of No School Zone Signs Near Odessa School

By: Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Crossing guards and reflector signs are the only things Ross Elementary School has to protect their students and teachers from traffic, leaving concerned parents wondering, where are the flashing school zone signs?

"I'm really frustrated because I don't want one of my kids to get hit and I know other parents wouldn't want their kids to get hit," concerned parent, Kristy Mireles, said.

Parents say drivers pass by recklessly because there are no warning signs and they want to see a change.

"I want to see a light, the flashing 20 mile per hour light. If possible, some crossing guard lights right here at the cross guards," another concerned parent, Shannon Johnson, said.

30 miles per hour is how fast you're allowed to pass by the school now. You can even legally talk on your cell phone but there are different factors that go into having school zone signs.

"We're looking at traffic volumes on the street. We look at pedestrian volumes, we look at the street width, we look at the speed limit on the street, we look at what type of street it is and the last thing we look at is the existing traffic control in the area, is it an all way stop, is there no stop sign, that sort of thing," Odessa Traffic Coordinator, Hal Feldman, said.

Ross Elementary doesn't qualify but the school says they hope to see a change soon.

"We've added a high number of students to our campus and so that naturally increases the number of people driving through this area and so I would really like for the City of Odessa to consider this and I will work with them to help us," Ross Elementary School Principal, Lety Kampala, said.

But they'll have to wait as the city qualifies schools at the beginning of each year.