Effects of Now Over Government Shutdown

NewsWest 9
Staff Report

TEXAS - Things that may come to mind when you think of the government shutdown is Washington D.C., the GOP and our national monuments closing.

Things have hit us closer to home though and its not just on a national level. The Ector County Library in Odessa has also been slowed down. Carts of books waiting downstairs have to be cataloged before they are checked out.

Randy Ham is the department coordinator for the library and says the shutdown has taken out their chief reference guide, the Library of Congress.

"We get new books in everyday and when people hear the words new books they immediately think John Grisham, the new Danielle Steel. But you also have to think of all the new children's books that come in, all the new non fiction all the new southwest all the new genealogy all of the new study guides all of the new periodicals. So its a lot more than just the fiction section,"  Ham said.

The information for these books isn't being put on the Library of Congress web site. Now the library has to go through other sources, making it a longer process to get new books.

"We do have patrons come in and they ask for things that are still in process for cataloging and we keep a hold list and we make sure that the patrons that ask about them get first crack at them," Ham said.

In Brewster County, county officials were worried about the loss of money from Big Bend National park being shutdown. Tourists that come to stay in local resorts by the park were already canceling their reservations on shutdown day one. Larry Statton is the general manager of Big Bend Resorts. He told NewsWest9 about his post shutdown prediction.

"It would probably take 48 hours at least to get the thing going into work sooner. And then your not going to re-coup all your reservations," Statton said.

Once the government is back on track, Texas federal workers and those on subsidiaries will be able to collect a paycheck again. Luckily, Statton said that the resort did not have to lay off any of it's workers.